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Antique Basketball


Vintage style basketballs made of genuine leather with antique finish. These antique replica basketballs are avilable with your logo imprint for promos. We speicalized in antique basketballs with vintage look. Baskeballs are produced with cowhide in antique color and vinatage finish to replicate the antique look and feel.
Antique Leather Footballs
Football made of genuine leather.

Antique Leather Rugby Balls
Antique Rugby Balls made of genuine leather.

Old Style American Football
American Football made of genuine leather.
We are leading and oldest manufacturers and exporters of All kinds of basketballs in antique or vinatage finish and many other basketball products. We manufacture all our kinds of antique balls by using Certified and Quality material and under the supervision of our High Trained Workers. If you find anything interesting please quote us Art numbers of antique product and we will get back to you with the best prices. We produce antique basketball on customers samples/Drawings and specifications. Incorporating logos on any products is no problem at all.
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